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Yoga Sculpt Class

Sculpt Teacher Training On-Demand • 1h 1m

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  • Lecture 1: Timing Benchmarks

    Now that you’ve gone through the entire sequence, it’s important to know the timing of each section. You’ll likely need to reference this video several times throughout training to help with timing and transitions.

  • Lecture 2: Teaching Tools 1

    As you learn the postures, it’ll be important for you to be able to articulate to your students what you want them to do. In this video you will learn about cueing and the importance of encouragement and connection.

    Upon completion of the video lecture, take the following quiz:

  • Posture Breakdown 1: Integration

    This video is a breakdown of the Integration postures: Mountain Pose, Child's Pose, Table Top, Cat/Cow, Downward Facing Dog, Rag Doll and include benefits, modifications and adjustments.