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Watch this video and more on Hot 8 Yoga On-Demand

Watch this video and more on Hot 8 Yoga On-Demand

1-Hour Yin/Yang Flow with Jerubaal A



  • Anatomical Breakdown of Foundational ...

    Anatomical breakdown of foundational postures: tadasana, plank pose, chaturanga, downward facong dog and chair pose.

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  • 5-Min Bliss Meditation with Shazi U

    New to meditation? This is the perfect place to start. Become more relaxed, efficient, and compassionate in just 5 minutes. This silent practice is conducted in a group setting for a more powerful experience of deepening your collective awareness.

  • Power 1 with Chris B

    This foundational class connects breath to movement (vinyasa) and focuses on proper alignment to set students up for success in all styles offered at Hot 8 Yoga. Power 1 is an excellent full body strengthening class for both new and experienced students to learn any necessary modifications to imp...