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Watch this video and more on Hot 8 Yoga On-Demand

Watch this video and more on Hot 8 Yoga On-Demand

1-Hour Yin/Yang Flow with Jerubaal A



  • Anatomical Breakdown of Foundational ...

    Anatomical breakdown of foundational postures: tadasana, plank pose, chaturanga, downward facong dog and chair pose.

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  • 30-Min Power 1 with Shaelle E

    This foundational class connects breath to movement (vinyasa) and focuses on proper alignment to set students up for success in all styles offered at Hot 8 Yoga. Power 1 is an excellent full body strengthening class for both new and experienced students to learn any necessary modifications to imp...

  • 30-Min Bedtime Stretch with Des M

    This slow-moving class targets connective tissue through seated and lying postures held for long periods of time with the use of blocks and straps. Yin compliments the more active classes offered at Hot 8 Yoga by increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This practice is per...