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Watch this video and more on Hot 8 Yoga On-Demand

Watch this video and more on Hot 8 Yoga On-Demand

15-Min Flow To Stillness with Derik E



  • 20-Min Flow To Stillness with Derik E

    Perfect balance of power yoga and yin yoga.
    Power yoga is vinyasa-style class guides students through more advanced postures and creative sequencing. Power links breath to movement and may include arm-balances, inversions and twists to stretch and strengthen the body. Accompanied by music.
    Yin i...

  • 30-Min Hot Power Fusion Floor Series ...

    This set series is a shoulder and wrist-friendly class without chaturangas (high to low push-ups) that combines the 26 & 2 and Power Yoga styles. Hot Power Fusion includes balancing, core work, hip openers and inversions accompanied by music, encouraging mindful focus and detoxification.


  • 1-Hour Yin/Yang Flow with Jerubaal A

    Yin Yang blends two styles of yoga into one practice — bringing together the benefits of a more active and dynamic Yang practice with a more passive and gentle Yin practice.

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